Saturday, March 19, 2011

it's my blog, and i'll pretend i'm at sxsw if i want to.

last weekend was the film portion of sxsw and the music portion is happening RIGHT NOW!
oh how i wish i could have gone to it all! but alas, i am stuck in LA.
[big dramatic pause, hand to forehead for effect
so to make myself feel better,
[regroup, smooth out skirt]
i've decided to throw my own music festival right here on my blog. 


so grab your dancing shoes and join me if you'd like! 
you can throw on your sunglasses and pretend you're dancing in a crowd full of tattooed hipster types,... 

...without a care in the world!

or maybe you're sitting in the grass, sipping pbr and chowing down a vegan corn dog on a stick {or are those only at california music festivals?}.  

whatever the case, you should totally rock out to this fun playlist i whipped up for the occasion. 
{some of these bands are at sxsw this weekend, and some are just favs of mine.}

and to simulate the actual concert experience, i recommend
turning the volume up real loud like!

but above all, have a total blast!

happy festival-ing!

{photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}