Thursday, March 31, 2011

i'm nobody's fool.

tomorrow is april fool's day, otherwise known as The Day I Don't Believe Anything Anybody Says At. All.  
for example...

april 1, 2010
cashier: that latte will be $4.50 please.
me: haha... yeah, right.  got it fella. [wink, wink]
barista: no really,... you owe me $4.50.
me: hee! heeee! that's a good one! [nudge, nudge]
barista: SECURITY!

i come off as just plain ornery, but really, i don't like to be had.  i like to do the... hadding?

so let me hear it, any awesome april fool's jokes you or someone you know pulled?  i promise you don't have to admit that it was a joke pulled on you.  it could just be some prank that happened to your "friend," you know?  ;)

my favorite is a prank that my old boss's husband did when he was young {i think he was actually in law school at the time, so you know, he was a real smart guy}.  he and several buddies snuck into another friend's house and filled the commode with boiling water and multiple jello packets.  sure enough, by the time their friend got home 6 hours later, the toilet was FULL of solidified jello!!  

so awesome.  which of course, made me think of this clip:

i sure have been referencing the office a lot lately haven't i? i guess it's a part of my grieving michael scott process.
anyhow, in my search for this video, i found a tutorial on how to put office supplies in jello, just in case you need something to do at work tomorrow.  
so funny!