Friday, March 25, 2011


since last friday i joined in the bloggers day of silence and didn't post a gratitude post, i have two full weeks worth of thankfulness to share!  good thing too, because after the frustrations of job searching {with no luck} and our ever-growing mountain of bills, i could use the power of a grateful heart.  

here's what i'm thankful for:
* all of the great meet-ups i've had with new friends, old friends, and three
gorgeous blogger ladies, brandi, lillian, & elie.
* the daffodils the mister brought home {they're my favorite!}.
* having an entire weekend to myself last weekend.
* fun plans on the horizon.
* rolled oats.
* a cuddly kitty in the mornings.
* seeing some old friends from out of town and hearing them perform again
{it was just like old times}!
* orange juice.
* a really really good night's sleep.
* the rain {i'm ready for non-stop sunshine, but this week, i really appreciated the raindrops on our windows}.
* great friends {i sort of already mentioned this, but i have to say it again. i love the people in my life!}.
* all of your well-wishes, advice, encouragement, & empathy as we struggle to find jobs
{it really does mean a lot to have all of your support}.
* finding this amazing quote by ayn rand, which was exactly what i needed to read this week:

what are you thankful for?