Wednesday, March 9, 2011

free people!

no i'm not offering, i'm talking about the cute clothing line that makes my heart swoon.
have you seen the march lookbook for free people?  it's full of gorgeous, bohemian goodies {as usual}, like these:

i love free people, but in my experience, they wear out in a few months, so it's just not worth it for me to pay $80-$200 per item of clothing.  BUT! i have found numerous free people clothes at buffalo exchange on haight street {in san francisco}, where they cost but a mere $20-$30.  hooray for second-hand shops!!

one thing is for sure, however... this breezy new collection has got me ready for summer!! this will be our first full summer in los angeles, and i'm so excited to have warm weather day after day for many months in a row!  i can count the number of times i hung out all day in a summer dress on my hands over the many years i lived in san francisco, so this will be a welcomed experience.  plus, now that we have a yard with a hammock and a {soon to be} cabana, i think we'll enjoy our summer even more.

do you have any favorite summer traditions?