Thursday, March 10, 2011

"city birds" music video {and more}!

hey, remember how a few weeks ago we helped our friends make a music video for jesca hoop?
well, it's been officially released - woohoo!  

the song is about the homeless living on skid row, and if you live in los angeles, you'll understand the reference to the phrase "city bird" {also known as "ghetto bird"}.  for those of you who don't live in los angeles, let me explain.  in all other cities, firetrucks and cop cars are the first responders to accidents and criminal activity.  here in LA, however, helicopters are the first responders, and let me tell you, there are helicopters flying around all. the. time!  especially in our neighborhood which is still pretty... well, gritty {don't worry, it's not skid row}.  we average about a dozen helicopters a day {half of those in the middle of the night}.  typically, they fly in tight circles with search lights right above our houses, sometimes the really fancy ones hover in one place {although those are much noisier}.  when we first moved here we met a man who used to live in our neighborhood, but had to move away because he had terrible vietnam flashbacks every time a helicopter went by.  although, i guess it's pretty cool if you happen to really really like helicopters.  ...wait, how did i get on to this?  oh right!  jesca hoop!  so "city birds," homeless, skid row.  

without further ado, here's the video:

fun fact: the mister built, then demolished, the haunted doll house! isn't it great?  i'm so proud of my talented friends!

if you want to read more about the video, head over to the article about it in Q the music.


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* this morning, DeVotchKa will be performing live on kcrw's morning eclectic!  you can listen online at 11:15a pst by clicking "listen now" on kcrw's homepage.  and don't worry if you miss it. you can scroll down to the "recent shows" on the morning eclectic page and listen anytime you want, along with a ton of other amazing live recordings.

can you believe it's thursday?!