Monday, March 14, 2011

#83: An ode to Frasier

A gentleman's gentleman, who wanted to be the Good Son
Frasier in '93 moved to Seattle from Boston
A man divorced, let it be known
A marriage, his third, he couldn't make his own

The grief multiplied, his son Freddie, four years old
would now stay with Lilith, his mother beautiful and bold
Just then Frasier's father Marty, a cop who was shot
Moved in with Frasier, a turn both liked not

Thus came Daphne, Marty's health worker
A girl pretty and naive like they have in Manchester
And then came Eddie, Marty's fox terrier,
who stared at Frasier, made him worrier.

Elliot Bay Towers now seemed full
But Frasier's mind was upset, his life was bull
And then came Niles, also Frasier's brother
A replica of Frasier, younger and snobbier

Notes of misery exchanged at Cafe Nervosa
My Coffee with Niles were always Sub Rosa
For next ten years, it was Crane versus Crane
In theater, opera and wine, they both were vain

KACL- the radio station had Roz, a producer
A friendship anew, she his equal in wit and humor
Life now seemed good for popular Frasier
Women too started coming near and easier

That is a nutshell, the seasons then unwind
These characters, by God, deserve kisses sweeter than wine
Two wonderful women and three Odd Men Out
Family and friends- that's all it's about

They Warred with Words, They Played our Song
'Tis a pity, they were only 11 years long
Here's Looking At You, this Affair is Not to Forget
My Dear Frasier collection, I'll behold you to Death

Alexander Pope, 'tis said, spoke about art
It raises the genius and mends the heart
Might he have seen Frasier that time ?
After all, it's the nectar of the Gods, a show so divine.

P.S. 1: 9 episode names have been referenced.
P.S. 2: Frasier's 2nd marriage is counted as the one where Diane leaves him at the altar.
P.S. 3: Alexander Pope quotation is from Season 4 episode - Three Dates and a Breakup
P.S. 4: Eddie is a Jack Russell Terrier but just wasn't fitting in well for a rhyme.