Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter Continues in Snowhio

Not that this will come as a big surprise to anyone, but we have had more snow here since last time I posted.  I'm waving a white flag and crying, "UNCLE!!" but no one seems to be hearing me.  Wrap up in an afghan and sip some hot cocoa or tea while you read this post, because you're going to need it to keep you warm.  

We are running out of places to pile the snow...

in the back yard,

in the front yard,

next to the driveway,

off the sidewalk out front,

and along our street.

This interesting mix of snow and ice is in the process of sliding off the awning above our side door.

Oh, did someone say, "ice"?  Yes, we still have our icicles.  They are getting bigger every day.  They are along the front of the house,

and, of course, they are still along the back of our house and in front of my kitchen windows as if they are bars  on the windows of an ice jail.

Under that pile of snow below is our air conditioner.  I don't think we'll be needing it for a while yet.

I took pictures of the ice on the back of the house at different times of the day and from different angles.  No matter which way you look at it, it is still cold!

I tried to show how long some of the icicles were along the back of the house, but they didn't show up very well against the white siding in the pictures.  When my son and his girlfriend came home, they couldn't resist the temptation to knock down some of the icicles.  They managed to get a couple of the longer icicles down, mostly intact.  These pictures show a little better just how big the icicles had gotten before the kids broke them off the gutter.

My son thought they ought to have a sword fight with them, but his girlfriend and I nixed the idea. 

This picture above I took accidentally.  I didn't know the camera was still on, and I must have bumped the shutter button.  When I saw it on the camera later, it made me laugh.  Yes, my son is out there wearing shorts with the temperature in the teens.  Please don't report me to child services as a bad mother.  The boy does own pants, several pairs, as a matter of fact.  He had shorts on because he just got home from running at the Y.  Did I tell him to put on pants?  Well, yes, of course, I did.  You can see how well he listened.  What can I say?  He is sixteen years old.  He was only outside in the shorts long enough to knock some icicles down and pose for these pictures, fortunately.  At least he has on a hoodie and some gloves. The way he is smiling, I don't think he is suffering too much from the cold.

I, however, could use a little sunshine, some warmth, some light, and some bright colors.  If you have any of those things to spare, could you please send some my way?