Friday, February 4, 2011

Thoughts on Sex is Comedy

-I've figured out why I can never really relate to characters in foreign films, even if they're excellently drawn and whatnot. I spend half the time reading the subtitles, and so I never really see the words coming out of their mouth. It's like, I never connect the verbal ticks with the person, and since I more often than not don't speak the language, turning off the subtitles would turn all of them into a wall of foerign noise. With the subtitles, I'm reading a picture book.


-Anne Parillaud (Nikita Classic) stars as Catherine Breillet's reflection, a tyrannical director prone to philisophical monologues on film, actors, sex, and sex scenes. She tries to film a love scene (basically Fat Girl without the eponymous character, or any other characters, really, but for Roxane Mesquida, almost-reprising that role, and a new sleaze), but the two actors can't stand each other.

-I'm not gonna lie. I kind of dig Anne Parillaud here. She's brilliant, swaggering around, a little amused, a little annoyed, never shrill, playing someone who might be a genius or just might be talking a fair load of shit...I mean, I can't describe it. It's just so effortlessly cool. I know Breillet meant her to be a parody of herself, or a satire, or something, but...I so very suck at describing why I like things.