Thursday, February 10, 2011


yesterday we spent the day at our friend's house in a little town outside of los angeles.  we'll be working there over the next few days, helping to build a set and film a stop-motion animation music video {i'll let you know when it's ready so you can see it}.  my day was pretty much spent painting, painting, and more painting!  nothing too exciting, but as soon as we rolled up to my friend's house i knew i had found a little piece of heaven. 

seriously, how ridiculously adorable is her house?!

AND, it's full of the most amazing treasures...

a tea set lamp! so cute!!!

after i wandered around admiring all of her gorgeous things, i spent the day out in the sunshine.  it was so warm and wonderful to sit outside, especially after all that talk of spring.

{oh, why yes that is the anthropologie apron i got for christmas from the lovely carmella.  don't worry, i didn't get any paint on it.  i just wanted to look pretty while i worked.}


to end the long hard day, my incredibly romantic partner surprised me with preparing a bath for me.  
not just any bath though, oh my no!  it was EPIC!  complete with candles, 
sweet smelling bath salts he made himself, and hundreds of flower petals floating all around me.  
i think he just won the "dreamiest boy alive" award.