Friday, February 4, 2011


what a week!  it started off as one of those long, busy, overwhelming weeks, but ended with a bang!  we got all dolled up, hung out with good friends, and set up some big plans for february.  life can be exhausting, but it has a way of cooking up some interesting surprises to compensate.

here are a few of the things i'm grateful for this week:
* making progress in my ukulele playing {hard work finally paying off}.
* photoshoots with tatiana {no more self-timer... yay!}.
* choosing to spend my time in really wonderful ways.
* all the fun projects on the horizon {we got several calls this week asking us to be involved in some upcoming creative projects. more on that soon!}.
this beautiful and inspiring post.
* getting to talk to several favorite friends who live far away.
* broccoli with trader joe's artichoke & parmesan dip {yum!}.
* receiving the awesome water bottle i won from tay's giveaway {hooray!}.
* all the random, unexpected doors that the universe opens when you state an intention.
* finally going to the edison!
* getting to be featured on tiffany's dinner party series! go check out her beautiful blog, dancing branflakes, and spend some time perusing if you've never read her blog before. it's one of my favs!

{there were some busy days this week where i just wanted to be cozy, you know? thankfully i had this 
to wear ~ sweater: thrift store in SF, striped boatneck top: h&m, jeans: urban outfitters, shoes: bc footwear}

what are you thankful for this week?