Monday, February 7, 2011

good deeds ~ love bomb!

i know a lot of times in blogland, we focus on lovely, inspiring, and beautiful things.  i think most people work hard to make blogland a happy place for themselves and whatever readers may stop by.  but what i love about this wonderful world wide web of ours is that when things do go wrong for someone there is a huge community of supporters, encouragers, and friends from all over the world.  most of us have never met, but that doesn't change the fact that we want to be there for each other, especially when times get tough.

one amazing site in blogland designed specifically for this type of outreach is love bomb.  
every thursday, love bomb posts about a person who is experiencing really tough times in life, with a link to their corner of the interweb.  your part is to head over and leave some sort of encouraging comment.  by the end of the day that person will be overwhelmed {in a really good way!} with hundreds of supporting messages.  can you imagine getting wrapped up in a big down comforter of love by hundreds of people you've never met, just when you need it the most?!

that's a love bomb, my friends!

also, love bomb is providing a new option for those of you who want to take it a step further. when you sign up for the notifications, you can also include your city and state.  if a love bomb recipient lives nearby, and you feel strongly about helping out in real life, you can volunteer to take them food, do some house/yard work, or anything else you may feel compelled to help with.

so head over to love bomb and sign up!
it only takes a few minutes out of your thursday, but dramatically improves someone else's life.

also! if you know someone who could really use a love bomb dropped on them, email lauren
{the gal who runs love bomb} at dropalovebomb{at}gmail{dot}com, to let her know.

hip hip hooray for spreading the love!