Tuesday, February 1, 2011

frankie say relax!

on sunday, we did something we never do.  we woke up, grabbed breakfast at a favorite cafe, and cozied up with a movie!  it was the perfect way to spend a rainy sunday morning. 

so far, this week has been pretty busy... and it's only tuesday!  
such is life i suppose.  but all this busyness, plus the fresh memory of our lazy sunday, 
has definitely got me craving more cozy down time.  

{warm woolly sweater: h&m, baby doll dress: gap, belt: f21, jeans: urban outfitters, boots: target, earrings: an old etsy shop which, sadly, has closed.}

some of the things i love to do when i'm super busy, stressed, or overwhelmed are:
put on my favorite sweater
play sweet sweet music
read a totally frivolous magazine
draw with pastels
sip tea
do yoga
watch an indie film
look at pretty pictures on j'adore
twirl in a swooshy dress
read my favorite blogs
play with chloe cat
watch a fire in the fire pit
window shop on ruche and modcloth

and just in case you were wondering, "why kim, what sort of music do you listen to when you have this downtime?," i've included my favorite relaxing playlist of the week.  
i recommend you listen with some tea, soft lighting, and maybe even a bath. 

what is your favorite way to relax?

ps - i LOVED all of your comments on yesterday's post about the hug campaign.  a huge hug to you all!