Wednesday, February 2, 2011

february intentions

happy second day of february!!  can you believe it's here?  january flew by for me.  at the same time new year's feels like a million weeks ago, not four.  whew!

if you recall, i did something a little different in lieu of resolutions.  i decided to focus on growing one area of my life in deliberate and intentional ways each month, allowing myself extra time or modifications where necessary.  for the month of january, i focused on embracing and growing my inner artist.  i have to say it went pretty well!  i remained dedicated to writing my morning pages most days of the week, i carved out some time to do some creating, i began my search for an acting class, and i took myself on some inspiring artist dates.  i'm pretty happy with the amount of energy i devoted to making my creative growth more of an ingrained part of my life, rather than just something i try to fit in here and there.  i think i'm off to a great start, but lately, it's been getting more difficult to stay energized in this area.  so instead of moving on to a whole new goal, i'm going to continue working on growing the artistic side of me through february, only kicked up a notch.

this month i hope to...
* continue writing my morning pages at least 5 days a week.
* continue visiting acting classes.
* practice more music {singing & ukulele}.
* begin committing my performance to video {music, monologues, etc.}.
* write at least one short story/film concept each week.
* go on at least two artist dates.
* carry an art journal everywhere i go.
* wake up at 7a, even when i don't have to.
in addition to growing my creative side, i'd like to focus more on making progress in the career world.
it's difficult living in a new city when your field works mostly through networking.  i had plenty of contacts up in san francisco, but here in los angeles, i still feel very out of the loop.
so, in order to find a great therapy internship this month,
i also plan to...
* network, network, network! make that extra effort to reach out & meet other therapists.
* attend at least one meeting put on by my professional organization.
* research volunteer opportunities in my field.

how are your goals or intentions coming along?
are you still going strong or have you hit a slump?