Tuesday, January 25, 2011

yippee skippee!

this weekend was pretty quiet around these parts.  after such a rough ending to our week, we needed some down time.  the one outing we did have was saturday night when we hung out with our friends before they left.  these particular lucky friends are spending the next several weeks touring europe with the LA Philharmonic.  they live such a hard life don't they?  we had amazing wine & cheese, played with their kitties, and laughed a lot.  it was exactly what we needed.

{very affordable, lazy saturday outfit ~ ruffle shirt: h&m, shirt tunic: target, belt: forever 21, jeans: urban outfitters, shoes: patagonia, little stone earrings: made by my friend echo!}

we did have a bit of excitement though when the mister finally fixed the computer! there was a very dramatic "emergency room" type revival.  i may have said "it's been three days, i'm calling it..." and he may have shouted "not on my watch! come back you bastard!" and after a very long dramatic pause, the computer flickered and beeped back to life.  there was much rejoicing, "HOORAY!!!"

in other news, the mister's interview went well, but we still won't hear anything for several weeks.  i really appreciate all of your well wishes last week, and i would appreciate it even more if you continued to keep your fingers crossed, and send your positive job thoughts and prayers our way.

happy tuesday!! anything exciting happening for you this week?