Tuesday, January 18, 2011

we can't control the weather

is it really january?  because it sure feels like the middle of summer.  please don't hate, but it has been in the 70's and 80's for a while now,. . .   and it is glorious!

we jumped on this warm, sunny opportunity to go play in venice at the beach.  we watched the sun set, ate delicious panini sandwiches, and roamed through the canals.  the mister and i were reminded of all the reasons we almost moved there.  perhaps in a year or two...

in the canals, there was a huge tree filled with gorgeous glass lanterns.  it was so magical!  these photos can't do it justice, but if you live in los angeles and haven't been down to the canals in a while, go find this tree! it's such a romantic spot.

after venice, we grabbed coffee at intelligentsia and hung out with friends new and old.  i love how every time we go to venice we end up having a fun conversation with a total stranger, as if we had been friends forever.  this time we met the super sweet young man who takes all the photographs for obsolete, an amazing antiques and art store.  he was so humble about his job, we had no idea what beautiful treasures were to be found in the store.  unfortunately, by the time we got there, it had closed for the day, so we peeked in the windows, drooled, and "oohed" & "ahhed."  we also stood outside for 15 minutes watching the wind fisherman on the tv in the window.  it was such a delightful, funny little film that we were enraptured, even though we couldn't hear the sound.  

to end our evening, we stopped in at the art gallery to see the video game posters.  i have to say, gallery 1988 is quickly becoming a favorite since both shows i've seen there have been so fun.  you can see all the video game inspired artwork here, or stop in before february 4 to see them in real life.

i hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are having a lovely week so far!