Thursday, January 6, 2011

swim! until you can't see land.

i feel like i have been so productive this week with my do to lists and with my personal growth.  i still have so many unanswered questions and all sorts of life paths before me from which i could choose, but i'm taking it all in stride.
2011 is definitely off to a great start!

{the neighbor kitty paying me a visit while i work in the yard.}

lately, i have been listening to a lot of joyful, fun, & inspiring music.  this is the music that has been energizing me to get stuff done, explore new ideas in life, and remain hopeful for good things that i know are right around the corner.  so i thought it was fitting to share these songs in my first playlist of the new year.  some of it is french canadian, some swedish, some british, and some good ole american.  some of it i have posted about a long long time ago, but thought it was perfect for life at present.
i hope you enjoy!

{grooveshark can sometimes be a little finicky. 
if it stops playing, just refresh the page and start where you left off. 
sorry for the hassle!}

do you have any music that you find especially inspiring?