Thursday, January 20, 2011

mid-week adventures!

last night we had a lot of weekend type fun with some friends in our neighborhood.  and by "weekend fun" i mean dinner and a concert, not the typical post-workday downtime.  i guess it helps when you and all of your friends are either unemployed or have really weird jobs.  whatever the case, it was a whole heap of fun!

we've recently been making a lot of friends, some of whom actually live in our neighborhood, which makes for very exciting local adventures.  for dinner we met up with some friends at masa, a local bakery and restaurant that has the most amazing deep dish pizza outside of chicago. truth!  

then we met up with even more friends for a free show at the echo.  this was our first real concert venue that we've been to since moving to los angeles, and it was just as awesome as everyone said it would be.  what's better is it's only a few blocks from home!
we saw foster the people, lesands, and hot as sun.  my current favorite song {which changes weekly} is "pumped up kicks" by foster the people, so when i heard they were doing a free show i rallied the troops.
we love free fun!

{i forgot a camera on our evening out, but this is how i felt afterward - it was such a great night!}

i am so unbelievably excited to have friends who live so close.  life is always more fun when shared with people am i right?

and because i love sharing so much... here is a little playlist with foster the people plus some other fun stuff i'm listening to right now.  i'd say it's perfect for little dance parties in your living room.  invite your friends!