Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Feeling a Little like Jane Jetson!!

Do you remember the flying cars that had the glass bubble on top used by George Jetson and his family?  

 I'm feeling a little like Jane Jetson today because last night I got a new car!  Well, it's new to me anyway.  It is a 2009 Honda Fit.  Because it has such great visibility in all directions, gets fantastic gas mileage, and is so much fun to drive, it feels like I am flying about in a Jetson car.  I love it!!

I haven't had a new car in sixteen years, so this is pretty exciting for me.  My younger son is excited too because he now has my old car.  Yes, he has inherited my little red, sixteen-year-old Geo Metro.  I'm not sure how lucky that makes him, but I suppose having my old car is better than having no car at all which is what his status was until last night.  We actually bought the Metro when I was pregnant with him.  I was eight months pregnant when we bought it, and I could barely fit behind the steering wheel!

Although there are lots of cool features with my new car, one of my favorites is how the back seats can fold down and make the whole back area a huge cargo space.  Plenty of room to haul just about anything back there.

I am definitely feeling like dancing tonight.  And since my new car has me feeling like Jane Jetson, I found a video of Jane Jetson (and some other characters from that show) dancing! 

 "Mama's in the backyard learning how to jive and wail."