Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day Two: Realization and Dilemma

Today was fairly uneventful. I stayed at home today, reading for my winter course and doing housework. For breakfast, I ate that egg-white omelet - which was very good - and for lunch I grilled a chicken breast and doused it in buffalo wing sauce. That was amazingly filling for so few calories. In fact, the calorie count was so low I also had a box of Green Giant broccoli and potatoes with cheese (!) along with it. The cheese is worthy of the (!) because, in looking at how colossally unhealthy it is, I think it is going to be a much rarer treat than it has been. For my snack, I had two cajun-flavored fish fillets, and that brings me up to here.

And I'm starving. It's currently 2:28 am - I stayed up late goofing off on the computer - and there's no chance I'll be able to sleep now with my stomach this empty. So, I am instituting a new plan: bananas, tomatoes, and peaches are hereby exempt. I just won't count them. The reason I am doing this is simple: I'm not eating them. When I only have 400 calories for a meal, a 100 calorie banana just isn't worth it. So, yeah, technically speaking I may hit 1700 a day instead of 1500, but I'm okay with that as long as the extras are fruits and veggies, which I'm supposed to be eating.

Now, here's something I may or may not do also, tomorrow, and it has scant to do with dieting. Some people in Chevy Chase (about 25 or so minutes away, toward DC) are having an estate sale. It's apparently the estate of a 90-something retired Navy commander who passed away in November, and let me tell you, from the website's pictures, there are some fascinating things there. A map of the world from 1747; a leather-bound book titled "Towns of New England and Old England" bound in what looks like about the same time; a butler's desk; a very cool convex wall mirror; and a framed photo of the cherry blossoms that would look perfect in that big blank spot on the wall in my living room.

Oh, it'll be expensive. And it'll be early. And there will be bloodthirsty estate sale warhounds swarming the place, who know a lot more about the system than I do. But . . . a map of the world. From 1747. The picture is gorgeous.

So I'd like to say I'll drag my corpse out of bed tomorrow morning at seven-something and stagger on down there nice and early. Plus I noticed from the comparing yesterday and today that it is much easier to keep from overeating if I don't stay in the house all day. But on the other hand, it's now 2:33. That doesn't leave much time for sleep.

So I'll leave it up to whimsy, which is a wonderful thing.