Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Chance to See the Summer Sun

This time of year the lyrics from a song by John Denver often go through my head.  It is his song titled, "Winter."  This is how the lyrics go in case you've never heard them.

It's cold and it's getting colder 
it's gray and white and winter all around. 
And oh, I must be getting older 
and all this snow is try'n' to get me down 
There's a fire in the corner slowly dying 
sometimes I just don't feel like goin' on 
And yet I know it's more than worth the waiting 
for another chance to see the summer sun 
Come on shine on me 

"Grey and white and winter all around," those are the words that always stick in my head.  They stick in my head because that is exactly what it looks like this time of year.

You can listen to the song below if you'd like to hear it.

I know I'm supposed to be patient and wait for "another chance to see the summer sun," but today I didn't feel like waiting.  (No, I didn't fly off to Jamaica---I wish!)  

Instead,  I looked through some old photo albums to find some warm and sunny pictures.  I can't change the weather outside, but these pictures brought back memories of some sunny days for me. (WARNING: Daisy is about to submit you to the viewing of some of her old photos!  Get out now while you still have a chance!)

I don't have a scanner here at home, so these are pictures taken of pictures and are not good quality, but they are old pictures so I guess that is to be expected.

  Nothing says summer sun like a sundress and sun hat, right?  I was really "stylin'" it up right, wasn't I?  HA HA!

I made this dress and hat as a project for FHA (Future Homemakers of America).  I did a lot of sewing back then.

Many years ago, my husband and I took a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit friends and happened to be there on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the summer.  We walked all over in the blazing heat (as I recall the temperature was around 100 degrees F.) seeing the sights.  To make a long story short, I ended up fainting inside the Capitol Building because of the heat.  I got the security guard there all shook up.  HA HA!  So, anyway, when I look at these pictures, I definitely remember the summer sun.

This is my husband.  In the distance is the Lincoln Memorial.

This is me in front of the White House...

and in front of the steps to the Lincoln Memorial.  Shortly after this was when I passed out in the Capitol Building.  After I came around again, we decided to take a taxi back to our friend's house that we were visiting instead of walking.  We had had enough of the heat for one day!

This picture is from another very hot day that I remember when we went on a picnic at the zoo.
My hair with bangs and braids---you could tell it was a hot day if I had my hair in braids like that.

Although this next picture was taken inside, it was also a very warm day that I remember.  I was the maid of honor for my roommate in college and one of the groomsmen nearly fainted from the heat.

I'm the second from the left in the darker green dress here.

The rest of these pictures are of my sons when they were quite young on some hot sunny days.

They had fun visiting with a Berenstain Bear at the Cedar Point amusement park

Here they are standing in front of a giant peony bush that was in the back yard of our house at the time.  I LOVED that peony bush!  It was the biggest one I've ever seen.  

Nothing says summer like mowing the lawn, right?  My younger son loved to play with that little toy mower.  It was actually a bubble maker.  As he pushed it along, bubbles would come floating out of the top of it.

These two pictures were taken on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach.

It certainly looks sunny in this picture.

This picture of them with a giant horse statue was taken at Sea World.  I love that big smile on my younger son's face in this one.

This little trip down memory lane has warmed me right up and has almost made me forget the snow that is coming down outside (again!).  

I hope you all are staying warm and that you have a great weekend!