Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#41: The Goods

The Goods is 2009 movie about car salesman Don Ready (Jeremy Piven) and his team trying to sell a lot of 200+ cars in a weekend sale at Selleck Motors. Don has a support cast of 3 more people to help him with this goal and in doing so he also has to resist the temptation of falling for Selleck's eligible daughter, Ivy (Jordana Spiro).

The movie had a neat premise to begin with. That of using the function of sales as the focal point in a movie with a reasonably good ensemble cast comprising the likes of Will Ferrel and Ving Rhames. Sadly though, very little is impressive about the movie and it ends up being a very cheap and an extremely cheesy comedy. Don Ready's team moves into Selleck Motors and goes about their job like the proverbial set of ducks to water. In the meanwhile, in a set of forcible subsets of stories within the main storyline Babs (Kathryn Hahn) of Don's team takes a liking to Selleck's overgrown 10-year old son while old man Selleck himself is attracted to Brent Gage ( David Koechner)- Don's team mate. Both these stories not only fail to evoke laughs but are miserably sloppy in their execution. Don's romantic storyline with Ivy doesn't have any spark to look forward to either.

Any comedy worth a watch should at least have a few smart quips to make. Alas, The Goods fails on that count too. The only saving grace about the movie is the idiotic character of Paxton Hoarding played by Ed Helms who would later in 2009 be better known for the cult comedy The Hangover.. Ed Helms plays an aspiring out-of-tune musician and his crazy men-band is the only thing that would come close to cracking you up in the movie.

To cap this one off, all I can say is that if you looking for a mediocre comedy, explore all options available to you. Ask your DVD rental, neighbor, best friend etc. Exhaust watching all that they recommend and then if you still are looking for more, do stop at The Goods. For as far as mediocre comedies go, this one is tough to beat.

Rating: 3.8/10