Wednesday, January 12, 2011

#30: Game 6

Game 6 is a movie made in 2005 about Nicky Rogen (Michael Keaton), a playwright whose big opening night co-incides with the final of World Series between the Mets and Red Sox. Since he is also a die-heard Red Sox fan, he let's go off the play's opening and ends up watching the game with a cabbie and her grandson.

From the time the movie opens till the time he finishes watching the game, there are also other incidents that keep happening to him on this eventful day. These include being coaxed into murdering a harsh drama critic Steven Schwimmer ( Robert Downey Jr.), admitting to his wife about his extra marital affair and seeing his lead actor forget his dialogues in the play's last minute rehearsals. If you're a World Series or an NBA fan, you would know why Game 6 in a final is really important. Director Michael Hoffman uses this momentous occasion in a fan's life as the fulcrum for this story written by Don DeLillo. Michael Keaton is that fan on that kind of a night who will give up anything to see Red Sox win in spite of all the misgivings he has about the opening night of his play.

The other key character in the plot is Downey Jr. whose character of a drama critic possesses the ability to demolish careers with his acerbic writing. As a viewer, you don't know whether Steven is going to thrash the play or not but since Keaton has already heard quite a few complain about Steven's writing, he decides to kill Steven. The best part about the movie though is the passion for baseball that Keaton's character reflects. As a fan, you not only can identify with it but also empathize and admire it. The movie, however. doesn't have any melting point or any peak of a dramatic nature that affects you. It's what we liken in cricket to a par score.

In a nutshell, the movie's plain in it's treatment but not unimaginative. It's a flat story but not without interesting characters. But maybe that's also because Game 6 is just a movie and not the actual Game 6 in a playoff series. And right after that, as ironic as this might sound, if you're a baseball fan, you're sure to enjoy it

Rating: 5.7/10