Monday, December 13, 2010

Went to see Nowhere Boy

R and I went to see Nowhere Boy (Sam Taylor-Wood, 2010). Young John Lennon biopic. It takes some serious work convincing yourself that that hunky twenty-year-old British future star blue-blue-eyed Aaron Johnson is Lennon, for Lennon never looked that good. Gossip minute: did you know that filmmaker Taylor-Wood and Johnson are together? Talk about cougars, she's 43, way to go, girl. She eroticizes Johnson like crazy (cf. the wifebeater). The female desiring gaze of the director works full time. I wonder what diehard Beatles fans will make of this movie. I don't think that's the point, though. It sort of works as a story, it would work if it were fiction, more or less (even though it's a bit too much Freud 101). Not a bad movie. I was always more of a Rolling Stones guy myself. Kristin Scott-Thomas (marvelous bone structure) is impeccable, as always. What slightly bugs me, though, is the differences in (degrees in) accents. Shouldn't the mother, the aunt and the son / nephew speak the same Scouse? Oh well. I loved the Earl Grey joke, being an Earl Grey person. I must ask James Friel if he likes it. And Lord Darlington.