Thursday, December 16, 2010

treats for the senses!

today is all about the baking of sweet treats for christmas {that's right family, you can expect some yummy goodies in your mailbox next week}!  

{photo by zuppaartista & you can buy it here}

baking is one of my favorite things about the holiday season.  it can be so relaxing and it fills our little house with such scrumptious smells!  i have a few awesome recipes i cannot wait to try.  if all goes well, i'll do some food posts next week {that's so unlike me, i know!}.  so keep your fingers crossed my candy adventures are successful!

 and for a lovely treat for your ears, here's the music i'm listening to today while i bake.  it's some of my current favorites. 

 i hope you enjoy!

{grooveshark can sometimes be a little finicky. 
if it stops playing, just refresh the page and start where you left off. 
sorry for the hassle!}

for more of this fantastic music click on the band names: ohbijou, papercuts, joanna newsom, the microphones with mirahthe postmarkssuburban kids with biblical names, home video, & villagers!

ps - a HUGE thank you to everyone who left such sweet, supportive comments yesterday! it was so encouraging. and it's so good to know that i'm not alone in my struggles or quest to follow my dream.  so thank you, thank you! let's all stick together shall we?

pps - i've had some random things come up lately which has kept me pretty busy.  but i love reading your comments and i hope to be able to catch up with all your blogs soon!