Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thoughts on Bon Cop, Bad Cop

-When some dude gets murdered and ends up on the dividing billboard between Quebec and Ontario, pussy-ass English-speaking detective Colm Feore must team up with rule-bending motherfucker French-speaking Patrick Huard.

-This shit is so Canadian. I mean, nobody says 'eh' or anything, but those guys, they're hardcore about hockey.

-Surely some French in-jokes, and probably even some English ones I fail to pick up on because I take them for granted or some shit. And a bunch of Hockey league parodies. And a Texan that is not greeted with open arms. In fact, I suspect this movie is not terribly fond of us at all.

-Oh, shit, do we have a hockey league?

-Huard and Feore have good chemistry, but not the kind where I keep expecting them to start making out. This is the best I can ask for in a buddy cop movie, especially one that, at times, takes itself very seriously.

-I now know all the French slang terms for 'fuck', 'shit', 'ass', and maybe 'cunt'. Good day.