Friday, December 10, 2010

A Little Snow, a Little Giggle, and a Little Dance

   We've had snow off and on most of this week. We haven't had a lot at any given time.  Most of it seems to melt off in the afternoon, only to get another inch or so overnight again.  I'm posting some snow pictures, not because there is anything spectacular about it, but because I promised my friend Nensa who lives in Indonesia that I would post some snow pictures for her.  So Nensa, these pictures are for you.  It was early morning when I took these shots. The sun was just rising, so the snow still looks pretty blue.

   This black squirrel didn't like me taking his picture and ran up the tree when I took the next step closer.

   This was taken while looking out from my front door across the street.  The snow plow didn't come down our street today.  We didn't get enough snow to warrant it.  I see my neighbor over there has shoveled his driveway though.  We didn't shovel ours.  We just drove through it.  It was only a couple of inches at most.

I went to the library staff Christmas party last night, but I'm going to wait and blog about that in my next post.  For right now, it is Friday night, and I think we ought to be dancing!!  That's one way to stay warm.

   So here's a dance video that might just give you a little giggle.  It did me, so maybe you'll like it too.  Have a good weekend, everyone!