Thursday, December 2, 2010

i wish i may, i wish i might...

in the spirit of the holiday season, and because i've been talking about this a lot with the mr. lately, here are a few of the dreamy items on my christmas wish list:

anthropologie apron
okay, so i don't cook at all {unless you count popcorn and cereal}, and i hardly ever bake, but maybe, just maybe, i would bake a lot more if i had a cute apron like this one:

or how about buy me this one and i'll just throw on a sweater and call it a dress? am i right?!

brandi also posted a super cute one on her yummy blog, pizzelles, here. just darling!

i love anything by keri smith, and i've been wanting the non-planner datebook for a while now. it's perfectly random and illogical, just like me!

eye mask
how cute is this?! perfect for those weekends when you want to sleep in just a little bit longer. this shop, naomilingerie, has a bunch of cute eye masks like this one {plus sweet sleepwear!}.

pocket watch
i LOVE the pocket watch necklaces from oh, hello friend. gorgeous and functional!

new workout clothes
the best exercise advice i ever received was "buy yourself some cute new workout clothes periodically so you'll be excited to workout every day." i'm back on the exercise wagon, but my workout clothes are old and unfortunate. oh how i love the clothes at athleta - there's great stuff for all kinds of active endeavors, like yoga, gym workouts, snowboarding/skiing, camping, and traveling!

what are you wishing for this year?