Friday, December 17, 2010


this week i am so ridiculously grateful for...

+ the season of cookies!

+ the amazing and wonderful blog that is  daily pep talk from a best friend, and
the beautiful anna from little reminders of love for introducing me to it ~ they're both making the world a better place!

+ finally tackling one of those big things on my list which i had put off for weeks {phew!}

+ inspiration from scoutie girl to unplug, and then getting myself to actually do it {new rule ~ if i don't have a specific purpose to be online, i log off. so much harder than i thought it would be, but so worth it!}

+ all the great things i've been doing with my life when i'm not online.

+ these free recipe cards, and crow and canary for tweeting about them.

+ embracing my dreams, sharing them with others {boy that's tough}, and no one laughing at me for any of it {take that inner critic!}

+ getting "wiggled" by blair of wild & precious, how great is that?! you should definitely check out her blog - it's gorgeous and oh so fun!

+ the stars aligning and gaining some clarity from the universe.

+ another holiday party this weekend, yay!

+ all the sweet little birds that hang out in our courtyard.

+ my wonderful family and friends, including all of my blogger friends! you guys are the greatest!

+ aaaannddd... this photograph!  isn't it THE best?!  found here.

what are you grateful for on this last weekend before christmas?