Friday, December 10, 2010


today's gratitude is a little different than usual. this week i just kept noticing all these amazing things i love and can't get enough of. and in many ways, isn't loving something the same as being thankful for it? i think so.

i love...

that book pages can be turned into hearts.
holiday parties.
turning blogger friends into real life friends {carmella is just the sweetest and funniest gal with a heart of gold!}.
zooey's miscellany {zooey d's new tumblr}, also her sudden involvement in twitter full of awesome music info.
eating food straight from the earth {our lemons from our meyer lemon tree are ripe}.
nature inside our home {a real live christmas tree filling our house with nature-y aromas, the wood slices my dad brought from idaho for our wedding which now adorn the base of our tree, and of course, my chloe cat}.
that the world is full of so much music!
that we can all choose to sing!
those first sparks of clarity during times of feeling lost.
having the types of neighbors you can share treats with.
time with best friends.

what do you love?