Friday, December 3, 2010


it has been a fantastic week and i have so much to be thankful for!


* getting most of the christmas gifts for my loved ones made, planned, & purchased {no day before gift planning for me this year - woohoo!}.

* rocking the parallel parking all by myself {and becoming more comfortable driving again in general}.

* the super cold weather, which was the perfect opportunity to pull out my favorite cozy coat and hat!

* our christmas tree. it makes our house smell so dreamy! plus the twinkly lights at night make our home feel magical.

* chai lattes, which i may or may not have kept hidden from the mister. i worked hard to stop my addiction, but it just feels so right!

* my husband making me laugh first thing in the morning by doing an impression of beaker singing muse. [long dreamy sigh...] that guy is awesome!

* the super warm days that came at the end of this week! now i can wear my favorite dress, found at my favorite thrift shop on haight street {dear san francisco, i miss you terribly and you will always have my heart!}.

* 100+ followers! i am thrilled to be meeting so many great people through my blog and i feel so honored that i have so many followers. i love how we can use blogging as a way to spread positivity, information, and friendship. i'm so grateful for each one of YOU!

what are you thankful for this week?