Friday, December 31, 2010

gratitude ~ 2010!

oh so much has happened over this past year! we've had ups and downs and plenty of change.
we've met new friends, said goodbye to friends, and were reunited with childhood friends.
plus, we tackled some pretty big accomplishments!  

here is what i'm thankful for in the year 2010:

* we got engaged!
* i got two rings from dannon - one which he made himself, and one which he designed for me to wear always.
* 5 months later, we had a wedding & promised to love each other always.
* i finished graduate school and began practicing therapy.
* i got my first tattoo {that's right, it's only my first}!
* we made a crazy decision to switch cities, then actually moved, to los angeles from san francisco {i like to make big decisions without thinking too much ;) }!
* we went adventuring in thailand on our honeymoon.
* we took care of our very own elephants!!!
* i began a life of art.
* we bought a car and i started driving for the first time in 5 years {yikes!}.
* i decided to get healthy {i lost 10 pounds, got much stronger, and eat natural things from the earth. i feel so good and energized!}.
* we got to see all of our closest friends and family in the same month {weddings are great for that}.
* we convinced 50 of said closest friends and family to play kazoos with us {weddings are great for that too!}.
* we took part in a giant pillow fight.
* we explored lots of new corners of the country and took some pretty fun road trips along the west coast.
* we sang sea chantey's with a mug of grog and fellow pirates aboard the ship balcuttha.
* we saw some pretty out-of-this-world concerts like she & him, ok go, and thom yorke {don't be fooled by my post titles, thom yorke was definitely the best concert ever!}.
* we attended the edwardian ball, celebrating edward gorey.
* my blog reached 100 followers and is still growing {i feel so humbled!}, which has allowed me to make some amazing new friendships.
* plus a bunch of hiking, camping, festivals, creating things, a complete change in wardrobe with our move, purging my life of stuff, and tons of happy memories with loved ones!

i have so many things to be thankful for this year ~ really big life things, some of which probably won't happen ever again {unless we have a second honeymoon, hmm...}.  i've had a thrilling year to say the least, and i can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for me.  who knows?!

what are you thankful for this year?

here's wishing you all the happiest, safest, most fun new year's eve ever,
and an amazing first weekend of 2011!