Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a christmas wedding!

on sunday, one of my best friends married her best friend.  they had the ceremony in an outdoor ampitheatre at newport beach, then the reception in a big tent at the hyatt.  i felt so honored to be able to share in the love, celebration, and chaos-management that comes with a wedding.  i went from dying of laughter as we got her into her dress {don't worry licia, that's all i'll say about that ;)} to crying my eyes out seeing her all dolled up.  she looked Gorgeous!!! 

the reception was a blast! the food was amazing, we got to catch up with more old friends we hadn't seen in a long time, and there was MUCH celebratory dancing.  two things i love about indian weddings: 1. the women are so beautiful in their colorful sari's, and 2. everyone knows how to rejoice through the act of dance!

 here are some of my favorite photos from the special day:

 {the beautiful bride, dancing with her beautiful momma}

it was so much fun, one of the most FUN weddings i've been to actually. 
can't you practically hear the music through these photos?!