Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas time!

this weekend was one of the most fun i've had in a while!  
christmas eve was relaxing and quiet.  we listened to music and sipped our neighbor's "sweet heart" juice that they made {raw cane juice with spices like tumeric, cinnamon & nutmeg. if you live in l.a. you can visit their shop, raw cane superjuice bar, in hollywood. amazingly good!}.  

i must have slept pretty heavy, because when i woke up christmas morning i found these little elephants in our stockings!  they're technically tree ornaments, but we love them so much we decided to make them our anniversary elephants in honor of our honeymoon in thailand.  

here's the clean "before" photo, with all our packages wrapped up {except for one of chloe cat's toys that she opened already.  it's a pom i made out of yarn.  she LOVES them!}.

and here's the "after" photo.  nice and messy!  {chloe cat wasn't sure exactly where to pounce first.}

we got each other some fun gifts ~ a record, art print, pocket watch necklace {yippee!}, and bath salts that the mr. made for me, to name a few.  oh! plus the apron that carmella got me, which i wore for the unwrapping of gifts plus the cooking of our special christmas waffles & egg gravy breakfast.  i seriously wear it all the time!  

that night we went to a hookah lounge for my best friend's bachelorette party.  apparently snoop dogg {among other celebrities} frequent this joint, but he wasn't to be found on christmas night {insert sad face here}.  we had a lot of fun anyway catching up with old and new friends alike.

it was a fantastic christmas for us, and
i hope yours was amazing as well!!