Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another Christmas Comes and Goes


After all the hoopla and hurry-scurry,
all the planning, all the worry,
so much build-up, so much to do,
and just so quick, it's done and through.

Presents bought and wrapped and given.
Visiting family---the miles driven!
So much food---what a feast!
Much more than we needed,
 (to say the least).

Fudge was boiled up.  Eggnog was poured.
Carols proclaimed the birth of the Lord.
There were parties and concerts, 
celebrations galore,
lights were hung,
wreaths were placed on the door,

but now the tree is empty of boxes and bows,
and outside it gently snows,
and another Christmas comes and goes.

Another Christmas comes and goes.

Will they remember why Christmas came
and say a prayer of thanks in His name?
We can hope...but only Heaven knows,
as another Christmas comes and goes.