Tuesday, November 30, 2010

why hello there holidays!

so as you know, this past weekend was a long holiday weekend for all of us in the states. the mr. and i were lucky enough to get 2 whole thanksgiving dinners with family AND we got to have a fancy date ushering in the christmas season.

unfortunately i didn't take time from our ravenous dinner anticipation to capture many photos. i only have a few from thanksgiving dinner #2 which i snapped while we waited for the food to cook.

in all seriousness, we actually did have a great time with our families, despite our photographic evidence to the contrary.

{the words were finally uttered, "ok, don't look like you have low blood sugar!"}


saturday night we had ourselves a little decorating date. we picked up a wee tree, made ornaments from paper and felt, ate curry, drank cider, and listened to the best christmas radio station ever {big r radio ~ christmas classics station under the "eclectic" tab in itunes radio}. it was a blast!

{i made the stockings for the mr. and chloe cat, dannon made the one for me. isn't it great?!}


also, this weekend, i got my ornament in the mail from micaela's ornament exchange! i received a super cute bird from my fabulous exchange partner lauryn of laureality {who takes the BEST christmas photographs ever}. it fits so perfectly in our little tree like a treasure. thanks lauryn, i love it!!

and that was my long holiday weekend. this week i'm continuing the search for a job, getting christmas presents ready, and maybe baking some cookies!

i hope you all are off to a great week, and happy last day of november!