Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thoughts on Slim Susie

-Erik (Jonas Rimeika) returns to his small town after three years to investigate the disappearance of his little sister, Smala Sussie (Slim Susie) (Tuva Novotny). Both helping and hindering him is the odd array of residents, who tell him of all the ways his sister had changed since he left, and who all seem to be in on something.

-Characterization can be fuzzy at times, but this is a comedy, and something might've been lost in translation.

-Clockwork Orange reference WOO!

-I especially liked Tuva Novotny, who's somewhat tragic portrayal of the eponymous character in flashback is kind of heartbreaking.

-The guy from the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is in it, in some weird role that's half plot device, half awesome.

-But, really, the star is the soundtrack. God, Swedes are weird.