Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Simple Soup Bowls (Truly Grateful Series)

   Last Friday, the students and teachers from our local high school hosted an event called the Soup-er Bowl.  Yes, that is the way I meant to spell that.  This is the second year they have had this event.  Over 200 soup bowls were made by hand by the high school art classes as they studied pottery-making.  These bowls were donated and brought to the kitchen of my church.  Members of the community made and donated gallons of homemade soup which were also brought to the church.

   Volunteer teachers and high school students then used these bowls to sell and serve delicious meals of hot, homemade soup to the members of our community in the fellowship hall at the church.  The meals, sold for $10 each, included your choice of all-you-could-eat chicken noodle, chicken tortilla, chicken rice, potato, chili, or vegetable beef soup, bread or crackers and butter, beverage, and your choice of numerous donated desserts.  When my husband and I were done eating, one of the high school students washed our soup bowls for us so that we could take them home with us.  Our son and his girl friend were two of the student volunteers working that night.

   The money made from this event was then donated to our local homeless shelter here in town just in time for Thanksgiving.  Yes, even in a town our size, there are those who are homeless.  The meal was delicious and the crowd enjoying it was a large and friendly one.  

   So now we have these two bowls.  

   They're pretty, don't you think?  The bowls were all individually made and each has the special creative touches of the student that designed it.  

   I'm grateful for these bowls because they are a reminder to me of many things. They remind me that I live in a town full of people who care about one another and who try to help those who are less fortunate.  These bowls remind me that I am one of the very fortunate ones who has always had a home to go to.  I am one of the fortunate ones who has always had food to eat and clothes to wear.  These bowls remind me that I have much for which to be grateful.

   I hope you have much for which to be grateful too.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Dear Lord, for these simple soup bowls which serve as reminders to me of how lucky I am, please let me be truly grateful.