Monday, November 15, 2010

Performers Showcase

   I had an interesting and unusual day today.  I drove to Bowling Green, Ohio for a Performers Showcase by video conference.  There were 22 different people in the showcase.  Each of these people travel around to libraries to present a program or to put on a performance of some sort.  They each gave a twelve minute snippet of their performance via video conference for us to preview.  The purpose of this conference was to give us new ideas for programs that are available for booking at our libraries.

   My favorite presenter today was a man named Jeff Nicholas who is an illustrator and author.  He demonstrated how to draw one of his cartoon characters, a kangaroo, and then recited a story he had written about it while showing his accompanying illustrations.  It was quite clever and funny, and the story was written in the form of a rhyming poem that made it even more whimsical.  I really enjoyed his presentation and would  have liked to see more of it.  I'm sure our patrons, and especially the children who visit our library, would enjoy his work as well.  You can read about him and see some of his fun cartoon illustrations here.

   The other acts included musicians, storytellers, magicians, jugglers, and a scientist.  Many of the acts were quite good, but by the end of the day, I have to admit, I had seen quite enough. Twenty-two acts in one day may have been a few too many.  Actually, there were to be twenty-five acts, but three of them didn't show up.  It's pretty easy to cross those three names off the list as possible ones to hire!

   By the time I was on my way home, the sun was already beginning to set, so I took pictures of it, of course.

   When I drove into town at home, it was just a little after 5:00 as you can see by the clock in the courthouse tower, but the sun was rapidly setting.  I don't care at all for these shorter days with less sunlight, but at least the sunset was pretty.