Wednesday, November 17, 2010

life's not all fun & games... but our wedding sure was!

the main goal of our afternoon celebration {aka - wedding reception} was for everyone to have an absolute blast! most of our guests had traveled from afar and this was our one chance to spend fun, quality time with them. not to mention the fact that we were all so excited about that whole lifelong commitment thing! we had art, lawn games, amazing food, and of course, dancing!

the very dangerous path leading to our wedding
i put my dearest friend katie in charge of decorating the driveway with sidewalk chalk, which was where our guests would first enter on the way to the backyard garden. so naturally she made a chalk walkway surrounded by many dangers - volcanoes! zombies crawling up out of the ground! monsters! knives of death! human-eating plants! and more, which i can't remember! but trust me, it was a perilous journey.

{"welcome to kim & dannon's sweet-ass wedding"}

kazoo sing-a-long
as soon as our ceremony was over, we handed out kazoos with kazoo books, and had a great big celebratory kazoo sing-a-long! you can see a short clip of it here. i've said it before and i'll say it again - there's nothing more fun than 50 of your closest loved ones singing "when i'm sixty-four" on kazoos!

{leading the kazoo sing-a-long}

{our guests seriously LOVED the kazoos}

{grandma's a kazooing}

this has been a long-time favorite civilized game of mine. and you can be sure i brought it!

{oh, i'm sorry my love, did i completely school you? that's right, i did.}

lawn bowling
no one could beat my grandma at lawn bowling. many tried, but she completely dominated!

guest book
okay, we actually didn't have a guestbook. instead we had an art book! we put out all the fun colors, stamps, stencils, and scrap paper a creative person could want and let our guests go nuts. we now have a hilarious, heartwarming, and colorful art book filled with love!

this was probably the one thing about our wedding where i said "this is WAY overdone, but i totally want one!" we made it more us by putting out cards i had printed with cool designs and asked our guests to type us jokes. we then bound them all together and made our first coffee table book!

even our favors were DIY! we put out a bunch of wonderful spices for mulling cider, a yummy recipe, and tiny tea bags for our guests to make their own individual mulling sachets. sitting with a hot cup of cider is one of our favorite things to do, so we wanted to send our guests home with something we could all do together through the fall, even if we may be living far apart.

the "bouquet" toss
okay, so i didn't have a bouquet at all. but i announced to our guests that i had created something special which symbolized the love dannon and i share, with the hope that whoever caught it would experience the same luck in love. we made it open to everyone - man and woman, young and old, married or single. what was this special symbol of our love?

a rubber chicken!

it was a huge surprise that i had kept secret from everyone. it was hilarious!

dannon and i {and most of our friends} are big swing dancers, so we had to have some good jazz dance music. our band, noto d, was awesome and i highly recommend them if you're wanting swing or django reinhardt style jazz. they even let dannon play violin with them!

{dancing with my mom}

in case you didn't know, dannon is an amazing dancer and musician . . . and chef, and designer, and furniture builder, and rock climber, and mustache grower, and... yeah, you get the idea.

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ah! what a fun day!!!