Friday, November 19, 2010


can you believe it's friday again? and what's more - can you believe next week is {american} thanksgiving?!?! that is something which only occurred to me yesterday. even though i've just begun thinking about the holidays, i'm already pretty excited. and that's not all making me happy today...

things to be grateful for this week:

* pouring through all my wedding photos for the first time - yay!
* catching up with a very dear friend on the phone
* finding two more songs to learn on the ukulele
* all the times i've laughed this week {this week was hilarious!}
* finally getting my therapist registration number {that means i'm a totally legitimate therapist now!}
* exercising regularly again {i'm back on the wagon}
* the enormous bundle of cuties dannon brought home - enormous!
* discovering new music {music is life}
* the hummingbirds who visit our window several times a day
* two {count em - 2!} date nights with the mr.
* unexpectedly finding birthday money i had forgotten about, and getting to go shopping today!!!

best. day. ever.

and because i'm so happy today, here's a little playlist for your weekend full of the songs i've been listening to this week; songs which make me say "yay!" {i'm especially addicted to the first three, sigh...}

what are you thankful for this week?