Thursday, November 18, 2010

a few of my random favorites {a wedding recap}

here are just a few more photos from our wedding that i couldn't resist posting.
they're just too darn fun!

{the wedding map i made in lieu of a program}

{our lovely picnic!}

{ivan, our ridiculously talented musician friend. click his name to have a listen!}

{this is katie. she's the evil genius behind the sidewalk chalk path of doom which our guests had to survive in order to get to the wedding. i love her.}

{simmer down ladies, he's taken}

{that's right, cake lollies that dannon made himself! we have about half a dozen in our freezer right now - yum!}

{the rubber chicken was a big slut. wait, what did i say? pardon me! i meant "hit." the rubber chicken was a big hit.}

{there were lots of giggles in our wedding. that's how we roll.}

{me and me mum}

{me and me pops}

{little did our guests know... me: i'm having the best time at our wedding! dannon: boy me too! me: i don't want to ever leave this party! hey, what if we held all our guests and the jazz band hostage and barricaded this house rental and just stayed here forever?! dannon: geewhiz, that's a great idea! but i think we better end on a high note. me: so just to be clear, we're not kidnapping our guests? dannon: um, no.}