Monday, November 29, 2010

10 Reasons I Don't Like Glee

Ah, yes. If ever there was a time I'd end up with spammers/trolls, it'd be now.

1) Because everytime one of them starts singing some watered-down radio song under contrived circumstances and smugly feel-good smirks on their faces, I feel the compulsion to tape my middle finger to the TV screen until the end of the next week's promo.

2) Since I'm too late for the Modern Family bandwagon (I don't start shows in the middle. What am I, a barbarian?), this is the only non-reality show on Tuesdays.

3) The characters are poorly-written Anvil vehicles. The black, sassy fat girl who's super-sassy and has a big voice and a gay best friend and is sassy and has to learn to love and accept her self while sassy. The guy who (as of late) has rejected any negative/humanizing qualities to become the Magical Homosexual who's bullied a lot by a closeted football player (how original). Bitchy cheerleaders who never take off their damn uniforms. Brittney, who's admittedly awesome.

4) Bad covers of songs I like.

5) Bad covers of songs I hate.

6) Bad covers of songs I'm amiable towards, but done in contrived situations to somehow further the plot.

7) This Will Shuester dude is a flaming douchebag.

8) Drops voiceover whenever it damn well pleases.

9) You call it homage, I call it shot-for-shot remake of the entire fucking video.

10) It's fucking addicting, that shit. Shut up.