Friday, October 1, 2010

Thoughts on Tenebrae

-In a surprisingly focused plot for Argento, a popular American writer goes on tour in Rome, only to get caught up in a murder mystery inspired by his latest.

-One shot that I just loved: a man is investigating a crime scene, bends down, and the killer, behind him, literally replaces his image on screen. It's been used a dozen times after, but I think this was the first. I just love it.

-Certainly among Argento's best, but I stand by Suspiria.

-I haven't seen all of his movies, granted, but I think this might have the most bodies.

-Oh, god, when will he just give up dubbing? The acting's bad enough without overdramatic line readings in strained Italian accents.

-Nice subversion, my dear Dario. Now get back to not being shit. You've had enough downtime.

-Very...sexually charged. More nudity than normal, most suggestive talk, etc.

-Yes. Right.