Thursday, September 30, 2010

what i do when i feel scared.

when you spend a month living in a totally new neighborhood {being awakened by police helicopters every week at 3am!}, planning a wedding, and flying halfway around the world, you tend to get a little stressed. and boy that sure happened to me! i don't think i've cried, cursed, and experienced rage blackouts as many times in one week as i did right before my wedding! {sorry family and friends}

extreme stress also brings out all the anxiety, obsessions and compulsions in me that i can normally manage in order to pass as a "normal" person. there was one night i was so freaked out about germs in my apartment that i had to watch this video. i watch it every time i feel scared or anxious about anything in life. if only i could put googly eyes on germs and airplane turbulence! :)