Sunday, September 12, 2010

Watched TV: Saw The Swan

September 12, 2010. R and I watched TV: Saw The Swan (Charles Vidor, 1956). Yes, the same Hungarian born Charles Vidor who shot Gilda (1946). Unrelated to King Vidor. One of Grace Kelly's last movies, she was to marry Prince Rainier soon afterwards. This movie is very much a UFO. It's got very special moments, as if touched by divine grace; it's got extremely funny scenes; it's also plagued by a dreadful ending (was it in the original play?). Amazing cast. Agnes Moorehead does a sort of English accent, she's not as camp as when in Endora drag, but she plays a queen. Grace Kelly does a sort of English accent. Handsome Louis Jourdan plays down his French accent, playing some sort of Europeasant turned well-read teacher. Alec Guiness plays with his moustache, and Jessie Royce Landis & Estelle Winwood deliver very enjoyable performances as the mother and the aunt. The valets have blue hair and every object in the chateau looks wonderfully fake.