Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thoughts on The Good Heart

-A curmudgeonly bartender named Jacques (Brian Cox), while in the hospital for his fifth heart attack, meets homeless almost-suicide victim Lucas (Paul Dano), and adopts him as his protege.

-I'll say it right now: you can see the twist coming a mile away. There's so much blatant foreshadowing in the first half hour, it's inevitable.

-And yet, I stuck around, because Brian Cox and Paul Dano play their respective roles--Shakespearean-level asshole and awkward young manchild--so well, their chemistry so solid, it keeps the plot, which involves a shitload of nothing, from sagging. The script, when it's not busy sucking, is actually quite funny in the quieter, introspective moments. Like one scene, in which the classiest fart joke ever conceived.

-Beautifully dark, moody cinematography.

-This is the second movie of the year where a sweet ingenue played by Paul Dano falls victim to the sexist, loud, rude, grand-scale old man of odd job-holding. There.