Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thoughts on Easy A

-Oh my lord, Emma Stone should be in everything. She's so awesome.

-I want Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson for my parents.

-People I didn't expect to be very good, but actually were: Aly Michalka and Penn Badgley. I mean, the advertising sold this movie all wrong, but especially these two, giving the latter two stereotypically boring-love interest lines and the former little to none, depending on the trailer. I mean, Badgley's character was pretty boring, but at least he had some good lines and, hey, he was the school mascot. And Michalka, for the first ten minutes where she's very prominent, gets some fucking funny lines.

-This movie is funny. I excuse all it's flaws, because it made me laugh out loud. Sure, nobody looks like they're anywhere near high school age (lampshaded in Cam Gigandet, who is a twenty-year-old on his fourth senior year), and the characterization is uneven (first Emma Stone's Olive goes from confidentally game towards the whole slut situation, then she's completely overwhelmed, although this might be more truthful to people than we give the movies credit for), there's some really groan-worthy jokes (Tom Cruise), and some grating performances (Amanda Bynes was supposed to be annoying, but I like her being Nickelodean-lite weird, not all shrill puritan annoying), but overall, an actually honest, funny, likable comedy that, at worst, serves as a vehical for Emma Stone. Who should be in everything. Like I said.

-I've got 'Pocketful of Sunshine' stuck in my head.