Sunday, September 26, 2010

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

   I can't hear the word, "Surprise!" without hearing the voice of Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle.

   Some surprises are good like a surprise birthday party or winning the lottery.

   Others, like a flat tire or unwanted company, are not so good.

   My husband likes to watch the show, "Punk'd."  Me?  I'm not a fan.  If you've never seen it, Ashton Kutcher and his cohorts plan and execute elaborate schemes to pull off a prank on a celebrity and then make a television show out of the results.  I suppose it is amusing sometimes, but to me, it just seems like too much.  It quite often seems too extreme, too expensive, too ridiculous, and just plain mean.

   I understand it is supposed to be "all in good fun," but much of the time, the person being pranked becomes so upset about what is happening before they find out the truth, that any humor that might have come out of it is lost on me.  The few times I have seen that show, I wondered if the person being pranked was going to have a heart attack before Kutcher popped out to say, "You've been punk'd."  This type of big, organized group surprise to humiliate someone just isn't my cup of tea.

   Today, though, I'm posting about the flip side--about a big, organized group that pulled off a good surprise.  The family and friends of this bride got together secretly and practiced this routine so that they could surprise her with this musical number on her wedding day.  What a sweet and wonderful gift from the ones you love!  I'm sure she will talk about and remember this extra special surprise for years to come.  This is the kind of surprise that would make just about anyone smile, I think.  Oh, and there's dancing too!