Tuesday, September 14, 2010

oh the memories!

today my dear friend laura arrives!!! we're off to the airport this morning to pick her up and then straight back home to make signs and paper poms.

over the past few days i've been making a music playlist for the lawn games and putting together books of our photos over the years, and i must say, it's been so fun reminiscing the past 7 years with dannon! we've had so many amazing adventures together, grown as individuals, grown as partners, experienced huge life-changing revelations, and laughed more than i thought was possible!

in the spirit of love and reminiscing, i thought i would share some of the fun music and photos from our relationship. some of these songs hold special memories for dannon and i, and some of them are just ones i thought would be perfect to play during a picnic wedding.

and these are a few of my favorite photos:
{apparently dannon likes to pick me up... i am pretty small}

do you have any favorite dreamy love songs i just have to add?