Sunday, September 26, 2010

My sister saw Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

(terribly sorry, Blogger is being a bitch right now and won't let me upload the poster)

---As an avid fan of Shia Lebeouf and Carey Mulligan, I felt morally obligated to see this sequel to Oliver Stone’s 1980’s drama.

---That poster is so Godfather.

---Look, its virtually impossible to understand what everyone’s saying 100% of the time. At best, you can maybe catch a familiar word of phrase, but probably only if you saw the original Wall Street. Or, you know, work on Wall Street.

---Rather boring, since Shia is kind of ignoring his scruffy charm, but Douglas is sufficiently a creep and Mulligan is one of those rare, rare, actresses who can still be gorgeous when they cry.

---Performances were all good, notably Frank Langella as Lebouf’s protegee who offs himself pretty early in the movie after being forced to sell…something. (oh, was that a spoiler?)

---I don’t understand how anyone could find this line of work so fascinating.

She's here, if you care.